MY Services


Bookkeeping and Payroll

Yvonne can replace your back office with bookkeeping, payroll and accounting support. When it comes to complex issues, rely on me. 


Your Taxes, Simplified

I am dedicated to my clients. With 20 years in a local public firm I have experience with complex corporate taxes including foreign reporting, cross-border transcations with related parties and more. I also have years of experience with personal taxes. And I've represented clients in audits with CRA. This keeps me current on tax law so I'm always ready for the toughest situations.


Financial Statement Preparation

With 19+ years in public practice, Yvonne has obtained on-the-job training and 100+ hrs of professional development on the accounting reporting and engagement standards for compilations (aka Notice to Reader), review and audit engagements.

Yvonne can prepare non-assurance financial statements for any small or mid-sized company.

Accounting fees increasing? If your business requires review or audit prepared financial statements, Yvonne can help prepare the required financial information your CPA needs.